Rui Ma

Rui Ma

Associate Professor

School of Artificial Intelligence

Jilin University

Address: No. 2699 Qianjin Street, Changchun, China

Rui Ma (马锐) is an Associate Professor in School of Artificial Intelligence, Jilin University, China. Rui leads the Intelligent Content Learning (ICL) group with the goal of developing intelligent algorithms for the analysis, creation and application of X-D content (3D models, images, text and more).

Rui obtained his PhD in 2018 from School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University, Canada. At SFU, he worked in the GrUVi Lab (World Rank #12 in CG&CV based on CSRankings 2024) under the supervision of Prof. Hao (Richard) Zhang. Before that, Rui got his MSc and BSc from School of Mathematics, Jilin University.

Rui has extensive backgrounds in both academia and industry. During his PhD, Rui has published several papers in Siggraph/Siggraph Asia, the most prestigious conference in computer graphics. After graduation, Rui gained his industrial research experience (with three US patents granted) in the AI-focused start-up company and also the big tech giant (Huawei Canada), working on the state-of-the-art AI algorithms and their applications. Rui has wide collaborations with talented researchers from top universities (Stanford, SFU, Tsinghua etc.) and companies (Adobe, Microsoft, Google etc.). He also has close connections with researchers in Huawei, ByteDance and Alibaba etc.

  • [Recruiting]: I’m looking for prospective PhD and Master students who are interested in the AI-based CG&CV research (see this brief introduction (in Chinese) and also the details below). Ideal candidates are expected to be self-motivated (most important, no matter you are aiming for academia or industry), organized, responsible, and a team player. Strong programming skills, solid mathematics knowledge as well as good communication skills are preferred. Please:
    1. Send me your CV (resume), Transcript and a brief Summary of your experience (in PPT). (简历,成绩单,学习和科研经历的PPT简介)
    2. Finish the computer graphics (e.g., GAMES101) and computer vision (e.g., Stanford CS131, 2019 Fall version) course before contacting me. I will ask detailed technique questions in the interview. (请自行完成计算机图形学和计算机视觉基础课程的学习,我会在面试中提问具体的技术细节)
  • PhD in Computing Science, 2018

    Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada

  • MSc in Computational Mathematics, 2013

    Jilin University, Changchun, China

  • BSc in Information and Computing Science, 2010

    Jilin University, Changchun, China

  • Associate Professor, Sept 2021 to Present

    Jilin University, Changchun, China

  • Senior Researcher, Aug 2019 to Aug 2021

    Huawei Technologies, BC, Canada

  • Research Scientist, Jan 2018 to Aug 2019

    AltumView Systems, BC, Canada

Research Interests
  • My main research interests include computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. Specifically, I am focusing on content creation for 3D scenes/shapes and 2D visual media. The goal of my research is to enable novice users to create high quality and customized content through intelligent algorithms and intuitive interfaces (such as examples, images and natural language).

  • I am also highly interested in the direction of using computer graphics techniques (e.g., data synthesis) to boost computer vision tasks such as 2D/3D understanding, segmentation, as well as 3D reconstruction.

  • For more detailed introduction about my research, please check my recent talk given at JLU: slides (in Chinese).

  • Reviewer (journal): IEEE TVCG, Computational Visual Media Journal, Computer Graphics Forum, Graphical Models
  • Reviewer (conference): AAAI, ACM Multimedia, ECCV, Eurographics, IEEE Virtual Reality, Computational Visual Media, Graphics Interface
Selected Awards
  • Best Poster Award in CAD/Graphics, Shanghai, China, 2023
  • Award of Excellence, Stars of Tomorrow Internship Program, Microsoft Research Asia, 2016
  • Mitacs Globalink Research Award, Mitacs Canada, 2015
  • Best Poster Award in Geometric Design & Computing (GDC), Guangzhou, China, 2011